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BNB Bitumen

BNB Bitumen Pvt Ltd is a company established by Mr. B. N. Bankapur, former Director(Refineries) of Indian Oil Corporation, a Global Fortune 500 company to meet the growing needs of quality bitumen (asphalt) for infrastructure sector particularly the roads and airports and various niche industrial grades. The Company aims to supply the best of quality products like Pavement Grades of Bitumen and Industrial Grades of Bitumen, processed through the state of the art processing facilities with stringent quality assurance systems and checks to ensure production of consistently good quality products to achieve the ultimate objective of good performance of asphalt roads for longer duration adding value to stake holders.

BNB Bitumen Pvt Ltd believes in clear vision and firm objective to contribute to the betterment of roads and infrastructure sector by setting the norms for the manufacturing of various grades of bitumen emulsion, crumbed rubber modified bitumen (CRMB) and polymer modified bitumen (PMB) .

Similarly various grades of industrial blown/oxidized bitumen are produced in the state of the art plant with stringent quality checks.

BNB Bitumen Pvt Ltd believes in fully and consistently meeting or even exceeding the quality as per BIS and ASTM.