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Industrial Bitumen


BNB Bitumen plant is built over an area of more than 50000 sq ft located at Nandesari Industrial Estate, Vadodara, which is 15 kms from city and 16 km from Ahmedabad – Vadodara – Mumbai National Highway. The facilities at BNB Bitumen plant are the best and most advanced for the production of bitumen emulsions, Modified bitumen emulsion, Crumbed Rubber modified bitumen, Polymer modified bitumen, Oxidized / Blown grade bitumen and Paving grade bitumen with totally automated process controls to ensure consistent and reliable online quality assurance. The BNB Bitumen company believes in zero tolerance to quality failures.

The key equipment like colloidal mill for emulsions, shear mill for Crumbed Rubber Modified Bitumen and Polymer Modified Bitumen, automated control systems are uniquely designed with fail safe philosophy for quality of products and safety of the plant. Similarly for the various industrial grades the facilities are one of the best in the industry with excellent quality assurance systems in position.


Raw material including bitumen, Emulsifiers, Crumbed Rubber, SBS Polymer and other Chemicals etc. are procured from the best Global/Indian sources and accepted after stringent quality control tests.

BNB Bitumen is proud of its Quality Control Laboratory which has state of the art latest instruments for quality control & quality assurance which in turn is controlled by strong Quality Assurance (QA)/ Quality Checks (QC) procedures for testing in compliance with National and International standards.

Tests are conducted by QC group on the selectively procured raw materials before their acceptance into the factory. Further tests are carried out during manufacturing of the products as well to be 100% sure about the quality of finished products.

The finished products are then subjected to thorough testing procedure based on the stringent BIS and ASTM global standards to ensure their compliance with required level of performance during their service lifetime.

The production and Quality Control group ensures strict adherence to the procedure to have consistent operations and maintenance which are pre-requisite to the production of quality products on sustained basis.

The total procedure and infrastructure at plant have been designed and audited by the best in the industry.